4 * 0.17(oz) Indian Incense Natural Solid Rare Amber Incense (Sandalwood +Patchouli+Nag Champa+Amber Incense)




  • you will recieve 4 mixed smell resin each one 0.17oz( 5Gram)
  • 5 gram /0.17oz White Sandalwood White Sandalwood (often referred to as simply “Sandalwood”) is one of the oldest incense materials; it’s use dates back at least 4,000 years. The aroma of this evergreen tree, develops naturally in its heartwood over the course of 15-80 years!
  • 5 gram Premium Dark Amber Premium Dark Amber – Amber Resin – Amber Perfume – Amber Incense – Amber Oil – Solid Perfume – Amber Solid Perfume Amber is a scent so popular that many varieties of the fragrance exist, Golden Amber, Dark Amber, Celestial Amber and so on, each fragrance slightly different than the next. Golden Amber is a warm fragrance rich with vanilla, Dark Amber is sweet with a touch of spice and Celestial Amber is has a hint of patchouli-like earthiness. Aromatic amber is also know by the names: India Amber, Himalayan Amber, Omber, Ambergris (pseudo).
  • 5gram Patchouli Amber – Patchouli Perfume – Patchouli Incense A musky-earthy aroma with a slightly sweet, intoxicating scent. Made with natural oils and a cellulose base. For use: in oil warmers, room fragrance, in rosewood box, burned over charcoal, and more.
  • 5gram Nag Champa is one of the most popular incenses in the world. Its scent is sweet and earthy
  • Our premium amber is made from a cellulose (vegetable) base and amber oil, created in India by our master formulators. Each master has his or her own secret recipe that has been passed down through generations

Additional information

Package Dimensions

7 x 4 x 3 inches

Item Weight

5.3 ounces



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Item model number

Amber Resin

Date First Available

February 27, 2023


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